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What is EXELx Technology?

A regenerative battery technology with proven results among different kinds of batteries and recovery applications from EV & hybrid vehicles to telecommunications towers and forklifts.  for a longer life cycle with a guaranteed and notable extended efficiency

Types of Batteries & Exelx ?

NiMH Batteries

One of the primary batteries that have been used in hybrid cars till today.

at EXELx, we've successfully regenerated many of NiMH batteries for hybrid with 100% efficiency, which enables users to reuse the car effectively instead of buying a new battery.

Lead Acid Batteries

Forklifts are one of the most widely used mechanisms globally at factories and warehouses, working for several hours continuously in shipping and transport operations, in which companies are forced to change batteries periodically considering the workflow strategies.

Forklift batteries prices are relatively expensive, in addition to the danger of acid that is , which is considered as hazardous waste at the end of the battery life.

Therefore, Exelx technology provides services for regenerating forklift batteries that require special recovery methods and routine assessment maintenance with a granted warranty on performance, which helps in extending batteries life, reducing annual expenses and participate in sustainable and environment developments goals at the same time.

Telecom and Storage / AGM & Gel Batteries

Telecom tower batteries, one of the most important and expensive batteries in the world.

EXELx is working and the treatment and maintenance operations for this type of batteries to prove the success of the first Japanese technology in the world

Lithium-Ion Batteries

with a successful records on regenerating Lithium-ion batteries, EXELx is working to complete the engineering and experts team specialized in lithium batteries in order to start receiving and regenerating lithium batteries effectively.

What is the regenerative technology process? and how it works ?

by applying a Cycle Recovery - Superimposed charge method.

This multi-stage loop charging technology consisted of new intelligent charge commands that can link with a unique battery sensor to recovery an unrecoverable battery in a short time and effectively restore the loss of cell balance that occurs in the early stage of degradation.

This method can develop and set many parameters for monitoring and controlling charge-discharge that are not found in conventional charging technology.

With the new parameters, we can see the appearance of a battery that has never been seen before (barrier phenomenon, polarity inversion, new full charge detection, etc.) and regenerates batteries performance for a longer life cycle with a guaranteed and notable extended efficiency, and this will lead to reduces the amount of discarded batteries.

What is the efficiency after treatment and regenerating batteries performance?

Batteries Performance after treatment is 100% - in parallel with the warranty period - Where EXELx provides a warranty on performance for one year or 25,000 km - whichever comes first. In addition to the extended warranty services provided by the company.

Does it mean that the battery performance will decrease after a year?

Not necessarily, since all batteries have a normal degradation after using it for one year. By default the performance of any battery will decreases after a full year of use - and we have to take into account many factors, including (temperatures & driving style & a commitment not to add accessories or modifications such larger rims, sport suspensions , trims, tires and other thing. all of the above are major factors that affects the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Hence, EXELx provides an annual subscriptions and extended warranty memberships.

is single cell treatment the same price as whole cell treatment? And why?

Yes, the regenerative treatment process cost is fixed for each type as mentioned on the booking site, and there is no difference between the treatment process of a single cell or the entire battery pack - since the treatment process is carried out on the entire battery and this is what distinguishes the first technology in the world, EXELx - because the treatment process is a process of re-performance of the battery by a percentage 100% on all battery working system - The process of replacing the cells only, without the process of careful examination and full treatment of the battery system is an insufficient process and a waste of money - and after a period of use, the battery condition may deteriorate and lead to the destruction of the rest of the cells due to the lack of real treatment of the battery working system.