Exelx provides innovative regenerative solutions to all battery types challenges

Exelx unveiled its advanced technology in the field of electric battery handling service following the completion of the research and development phase of its innovative solutions. The company aims to strengthen the performance of batteries used in electric and hybrid vehicles, communication towers, renewable storage batteries and forklifts, with the aim to extend their lifespan and mitigate the waste generated from battery disposal.

Exelx focuses on raising awareness of the best ways to effectively use, reuse, inspect and recover batteries and has successfully solved many battery-related problems in the last few months.

In recent times, Exelx has processed more than 7,000 NiMH cells, which have been successfully reused in hybrid cars and covered up to 25,000 km without any breakdowns. It has also processed more than 72 Lead- Acid type cells used in forklifts. The company continues to conduct high-accuracy tests for lithium-ion batteries, with over 500 cells examined.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the total battery waste projection for 2030 is more than 12 million tons. Tackling this problem, Exelx provides innovative solutions for battery reuse and recycling with the aim of reducing negative environmental impact while contributing to energy saving by addressing environmental effects related to batteries.

“Exelx technology was developed at our headquarters in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi and at the research centre in the Jordanian capital, Amman. This was done in cooperation with the Japan-based Battery Bank Systems (BBS) and with the help of an engineering and research and development team. The team’s focus is to enhance the Company’s battery solutions, including rehabilitating batteries and improving their performance, battery checks and periodic maintenance. We also cooperate with various industrial and research sectors, and we are forging partnerships to expand our solution portfolio in the region and internationally,” said Ghassan Al As’ad, Founder and CEO of Exelx.

“Exelx technology covers several sectors, including Electric and Hybrid vehicles, Telecommunication towers, storage batteries, and forklifts. The technology is based on multi-stage and cyclic recharging algorithms, which are highly efficient in improving battery performance and increasing their recoverability. The technology also leverages Intelligent charging commands that automatically restore damaged batteries and restore lost balance to cells. This multi-stage loop charging technology consisting of new intelligent charge commands can link with a unique battery sensor to recover an unrecoverable battery in a short time and effectively restore the loss of cell balance that occurs in the early stage of degradation.” he added.

Exelx is committed to innovation and the development of batteries while keeping pace with future trends in this sector, especially as forecasts indicate an increase in the battery recycling market size from $6 billion in 2019 to $11 billion in 2028. Exelx utilises smart technology, including artificial intelligence techniques, to classify charging and discharging processes and predict battery performance and operational status.